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The next day, seven of the 18 paintings the least commercially valuable were discovered in a ditch by boys going fishing near the mansion, four miles from the scene of the crime. Martin Cahill The remaining 11 pictures were hidden in a bunker that had been prepared in advance.

Inone of the stolen paintings turned up in the heroin circuit of Istanbul, while two years later, another work was taken from a van transporting drugs in London. However, weather conditions were quite similar in other parts of the North Sea area where no such culture of cleanliness existed.

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Allegory of Vanity. A hint of a smile crosses her lips.

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On the plaster wall in the distance is a barely discernible painting in an ebony frame depicting a still life, which included a foreshortened bass viola. Retired Irish army Col. Thus, while working, Vermeer sat directly in front of her with his eye at the same height from the ground as hers. Among the six paintings in the painter's small oeuvre that deal with letter themes, all depict women, but most are represented reading. The vanishing point stands opposite to the viewer. Their importance was such that some towns had issued regulations to settle the disputes between masters and servants. The subject of a woman writing a letter had been first popularized by Gerrit ter Borch in his famous painting now in the Mauritshuis second lower right ; however, Ter Borch and the other artists who he influenced never depicted the woman looking out directly at the viewer.

Linear perspective is an all-important tool used to establish a coherent sense of depth to a realist image and to create the sensation that the objects which appear in different positions and at different distances from the viewer. In Vermeer's time, no visitor ever failed to note that Dutch towns were ceaselessly swept, scrubbed, burnished, mopped and washed.

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A popular household manual devoted an entire chapter to the weekly task which was expected to be followed with religious devotion. The care with which the design is composed is again revealed in its geometry; the width of the expanse of plaster wall at the right is equal to the height of the table, which in turn is half the distance from the bottom of the painting to the lower edge of the ebony frame of the picture at the back see Wheelock's comments in exh. The woman in the present work has more individualized features than some of Vermeer's models, and it has sometimes been speculated that she could portray the artist's, wife, Catharina Bolnes , who, having been born in , would have been an appropriate age early to mid- thirties if this work was painted as customarily dated in the mids. They estimate that by the turn of the 16th century half of all rural households and up to one third of urban households in Holland produced butter and cheese. Nonetheless, it compares quite well with the artist's late style which tends towards generalized, abstracted forms and broken tones instead of descriptive detail and continuous modeling. In this system, all lines parallel with the viewer's line of sight recede to the horizon towards the vanishing point. Media in category "Lady writing a letter with her maid Vermeer " The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. The seated lady in Mistress and Maid in the Frick Collection, New York, had evidently been writing a letter before she unexpectedly receives a letter delivered by the maid. As Wayne Franits pointed out, the maid's presence in the present picture "is not coincidental since in popular literature and theater and in genre painting servants function as vital confidants in their mistress' and masters' amorous pursuits, In fact, many of the practical guides to courtship advised lovers to use servants as go-btweens in their relationship, especially for the purpose of delivering letters. Contemporary observers linked the vehement cleansing of houses, streets, and ships to the destructive humidity typical of Dutch climate. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam The fact that the Dutch word for clean schoon also means beautiful always draws a smile from those who are familiar with the cleanliness of Dutch homes. It tends to reduce the infinite complexities of visual phenomena to its simplest structure working towards the most regular, symmetrical geometrical shape attainable under the circumstances. Cahill was shot in the face and upper torso by an unknown gunman armed with a 44 Magnum revolver, who then fled on a motorbike. On every weekend morning, the steps of the house had to be cleaned, on Wednesday the whole house had to be gone over, Tuesday afternoons were devoted to dusting, Thursdays for scrubbing and scouring and Fridays the cleaning of the cellar and kitchen. Retired Irish army Col.
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