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It would also contribute to keeping oil refinery jobs along the Gulf. Alberta officials went so far as to threaten cutting off oil supplies to British Columbia in retaliation.

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He can be reached at brian. She opposed it specifically for that reason, unlike most other opponents who have cited fear of oil spills.

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Some are fittingly apoplectic. To secure valid approvals, many believe Duke and Dominion must reroute the project around the sensitive landscapes and animals in the Virginias.

Control hazards branch hazards [ edit ] To avoid control hazards microarchitectures can: insert a pipeline bubble discussed aboveguaranteed to increase latencyor use branch prediction and essentially make educated guesses about which instructions to insert, in which case a pipeline bubble will only be needed in the case of an incorrect prediction In the event that a branch causes a pipeline bubble after incorrect instructions have entered the pipeline, care must be taken to prevent any of the wrongly-loaded instructions from having any effect on the processor state excluding energy wasted processing them before they were discovered to be loaded incorrectly.

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The expansion would nearly triple the flow of crude through Trans Mountain pipelines, to , barrels per day. The state has revoked only one other major water quality certificate in recent memory, from the aluminum company Alcoa, for its hydroelectric projects on the Yadkin River though not in response to a petition. Army Corps of Engineers pulled a fourth permit before it could be struck down. Here are five things to know about this project, which could carry , barrels of crude oil per day across much of the Great Plains, from the tar sands of Alberta to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. The pipeline has a complicated history. The documents show Kinder Morgan cut creative deals with lenders and oil producers to shield itself from massive write-downs like the ones taken recently by rivals TransCanada Corp and Enbridge Inc in canceling controversial pipeline projects. In such an event, i2 adds 7 to the old value of register 1 6 , and so register 2 contains 13 instead, i. Regulators denied a follow-up application from Alcoa, but a state judge ultimately ruled that rejection illegal.

One of the elderly ladies in the front held a plastic water bottle. He dismisses the notion that it would be a stranded asset due to a lack of demand for Alberta oil.

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Once Alberta crude has access to tidewater, it can go wherever the best price is being offered. Heavy crude production in Mexico has been declining for a decade, and production in Venezuela has dropped sharply in recent years — by , barrels per day since Though Trudeau asserts federal authority to approve the project, British Columbia officials could effectively bog it down for years in environmental studies, lawsuits and regulations that undercut its profit potential. In response, federal and Alberta officials scrambled to rescue the project, promising to indemnify Kinder Morgan against further cost overruns from political roadblocks in British Columbia. The Obama administration had previously ruled against the pipeline in November , in large part citing an overall effort to turn away from fossil fuels on the road to addressing climate change. The State Department said in a assessment that the Keystone XL pipeline would have no additional impact on greenhouse gas emissions because the oil would be extracted from tar sands in Canada at the same rate anyways, regardless of whether or not the pipeline was built. TransCanada, the Calgary-based company behind the pipeline, was issued the construction permit from the State Department the same day.
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Trans Mountain pipeline: Some of the main arguments for and against it