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A Place for Dangerous Ideas A journal may be a safe space for wild words and a place where anything goes, but we might need some practice getting them out.

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She saved every single article I wrote. Job done! When I am doing household chores or other mindless activities, I listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or other audio content. Yes, the oh-so-familiar 3-act structure is still useful. My writing four to five hours for five to six days a week is not toward the publication of a book but thanks to my mom, I do write, drawing attention to the work of other authors and illustrators. I gained over a thousand followers and became a top writer in 8 categories on Medium. Tried already, but got stuck? Then I practice some aspect of writing, and try to respond to comments, emails, etc. Usually, I let my life determine which collections I should create. Call Yourself a Writer? Cautious types, beware!

But everything changed when I started using a system. I read a book yesterday which made me want to rush out, buy a fountain pen, open up one of my collected journals and start writing How would you live differently if you thought you only had five years to go? It can loosen up our inner critic, provide a source for great ideas, rid our minds of the not-so-great ones, exercise our vocabulary, create a discipline of writing, and give us writerly confidence.

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Consider writing a blog post, article, or other piece about some of these ideas and publishing it yourself or pitching it to a website. Secondly, we get a chance to skim all the dross off of our brain first thing in the morning as well as the occasional goodies, hopefully. If you were running your workplace, how would you do things differently?

Here is one last tip I leave with you: Whatever your writing system is, write it down.

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Writing Radar: Using Your Journal to Snoop Out and Craft Great Stories by Jack Gantos