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Other abbreviations that are perfectly acceptable to use in a bibliography in MLA format not the body of a project include: p. OR Many lizards, including the Carolina anole, only eat when they're hungry. Here are some examples to help you understand how to format titles and their containers.

Note: the instructions in this link follow the 7th edition of the Handbook. Fox, Claire F. Format it the same way as you would an author's name. If the encyclopedia entry is found on a website, use the following structure: Last name, First name.

The entire paper should be double-spaced, including quotes. To create a header, follow these steps: Begin one inch from the top of the first page and flush with the left margin. If your source sits in more than one container, the information about the second container is found at the end of the citation.

Volume numbers, issue numbers, and the names of publishers are omitted from newspaper citations. A writer can only develop a well-written paraphrase if the information has been fully grasped and understood.

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Why Does it Matter? There is no such thing as being overly responsible when it comes to writing and citing. You can find out more here.

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