Writing a sports blog

He told me this: That after hundreds of plays and a few major films under his belt, with a de factor tenured spot in an highly lauded program, he has those exact same thoughts each and every single day. You can mix these words together to create a news site or a more general sports blog.

Sports fans are hungry for breaking news about their favourite fans, teams, and sporting events.


Set up your blog on a hosting service Hosting is the rent you pay for the space your sports blog takes up on a server. But most people don't form a company or start a blog for the money. Want to get around that? All the wise council in the world, however, won't change the fact that the road you and I face is incredibly fraught with peril, and even if you do everything right, whether or not you succeed is going to be about luck and being in the right place at the right time.

Most people choose to go with WordPressbut you have other options.

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The tool also helps you identify problems with your site that are preventing pages from ranking high.

The solution might be built into the theme or available via a WordPress plugin. Also, think about what visuals and videos you might use. If you are curious take a look through their sports blog themes.

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An Open Letter to a Young Sports Blogger Looking to Get Paid