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Beyond solving employee or culture issues, employee handbooks can also help new employees feel at home in their new environments. The board is mostly public except for a few links that redirect the employee to a private board containing the specifics on sick leave policy, vacation policy and sexual harassment policy.

So come up with a new name that engages employees, piques their curiosity, and conveys your company culture right off the bat.

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In addition to the fun layout, the text is written in a light and conversational way making it relatable and much easier to read. This tech company uses their own platform to house their handbookwhich they call an employee manual. The handbook got a good amount of buzz and even persuaded 1Password to build an added security feature based on how Basecamp uses the tool abroad.

Below are 12 amazing employee handbook or culture code examples to inspire you. Their goal was to create a document people would not only read, but enjoy reading.

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However, you can usually trust startups excluding Uber and Zenefits to be transparent about their operations. This handbook makes the list because it manages to achieve so much through a traditional PowerPoint format. Instead, make it readable and attractive. Would you be happy with showing them to the outside world at large? So use your handbook as a platform for helping your employees understand and deliver your culture and values. Plan an annual company event around presenting your handbook for the upcoming year. Take advantage of the opportunity to set your company apart from the crowd with an engaging and authentic employee handbook. By sharing it on SlideShare , they practice the transparency they preach in the process.

Present it that way. The handbook for this tech company is so expertly designed that it practically compels you to read it over and over again—a great feat in the world of employee handbooks.

Nice section on Moonlighting… strikes a good balance and has decent examples. It can be unnerving to join any company, but perhaps Basecamp in particular, given how different some of our practices are.

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12 Amazing Employee Handbook Examples